FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Top five teams with the most appearances in FIFA World Cup

Here are the top five teams in terms of World Cup appearances, from Brazil to Spain. The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar on November 20, 2022. 32 teams will compete for the title of best international football player.

From Brazil to Spain, here’s a list of the top five countries that have made the most appearances at World Cups.

Brazil: 21 appearances

Brazil is the first to be featured. This is no surprise considering it is the dominant side in world football. The yellow and blue brigade is at the top of this list with 21 consecutive WC appearances, and 109 matches played.

It boasts an incredible 73 wins, with only 18 losses and 18 draws. Brazil also has some of the most recognizable players such as Ronaldo, Romario and Ronaldinho, Cafu, and many more.
It also has the rare distinction of being in all World Cups, without having to play in playoffs. The side has been without a World Cup for more than two decades, and the title of champion has not been awarded to it.

Germany: 19 appearances 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Top five teams with the most appearances in FIFA World Cup
Germany players celebrate winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup: Source- wikimedia

Germany is another powerhouse international side with 19 appearances. With 67 wins and 22 losses, ‘Die Mannschaft’ is a force to be reckoned with. The team’s latest World Cup trophy was won in dramatic fashion by Mario Gotze, who scored in the 113th minutes of the match.

Joachim Low managed it in 2018 but it crashed out of the group stage with only three points. The World Cup juggernaut was unable to reach two world cups: once in 1930, when it refused travel, and again in 1950 after the end of World War II.

Italy: 18 appearances

It is Italy, which is third on the list. This team has not qualified for the World Cup the second time in a row. With 45 wins, 17 losses, and 21 draws to their credit, the Blues have been part of 18 World Cups.

After a shocking loss to North Macedonia, Italy was unable to reach the FIFA World Cup the second consecutive time.

It failed to make it on two other occasions – in 1930, when it decided to not participate, and in 1958 when its qualification was denied.

Argentina: 17 appearances

Argentina, also known as La Albiceleste has been to 17 World Cups, but has only missed four tournaments in 21 editions.

Argentina has won 43 of the 81 matches that it has played and suffered 23 losses. It was forced out of the World Cups in 1938 and 1950 by disagreements over hosting rights and political reasons.

Argentina is a country that has produced many top-flight football players, but it has had a poor record in the past. The last time the trophy was in its possession was 1978.

It hopes to make it all the way in this edition, and will guide its golden boy Lionel Messi sign off holding the ever-elusive trophy.

Lionel Messi

Spain: 15 appearances

Spain’s World Cup debut was in 1934, when it lost to Italy in the quarterfinals. This replayed match was made after the original fixture was marred by on-field fighting.

In the 63 matches it has played, it has won 30 and lost 18.

Spain won against the Netherlands with Andres Iniesta’s last-gasp goal from close range. John Heitinga was sent off and Andres Iniesta was reded.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Top five teams with the most appearances in FIFA World Cup
After defeating the Netherlands in overtime, Spain welcomes the inaugural FIFA World Cup. | Image Source: AP

La Roja last skipped the quadrennial competition in 1974, when Germany was divided into East and West.

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