The Stadium 974 in Qatar: The Stadium Guide, History, Sustainable Stadium

The Stadium 974 in Qatar is a transportable stadium made from 974 recycled shipping containers. It will be used to host matches during the 2022 FIFA World Cup and will then be dismantled after the event is over. It is the first World Cup stadium ever to use this type of construction.

“Qatar’s Stadium 974 is the world’s first transportable football stadium.”

History & description of the Stadium 974 in Qatar

Construction on the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, also known as Stadium 974, began in 2018. The stadium was built to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which Qatar will be the first Arab country to host. The stadium has a capacity of 80,000 people and is located in the capital city of Doha.

The Stadium 974 has colored containers. The coloured containers indicate their purpose. For instance, we have the blue container for food if you want to get a snack during halftime.

If we look further down, we have the yellow for bathrooms, the black ones are the prayer rooms, the green container is here if you need medical attention, and the silver ones right here are the VIP rooms, which is my kind of container.

The stadium officially opened on November 30, 2021, with the Arab Cup group match between the UAE and Syria.

Stadium 974 is the first fully demountable stadium in FIFA World Cup(tm) history

The construction of Stadium 974 in Doha, Qatar, ahead of the 2022 World Cup will showcase a new concept in stadium construction: a fully demountable stadium made entirely of shipping containers. The stadium, which will host up to 40,000 people, will be the first of its kind in tournament history. This concept sets a new standard for sustainability and tournament legacy planning.

The stadium will host the opening and closing games of the 2022 World Cup. Its name comes from the country’s international dialling code (+974). The construction of the stadium uses 974 shipping containers.

Key Notes of Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

Opening:30 November 2021
ArchitectAlbert Speer
Surface: Grass
Capacity:40,000 seats

The Stadium 974 is a shining example of sustainability

Qatar’s stadium 974 is an example of an environmentally-conscious mega event. The stadium’s design utilises shipping containers to build the structure, a design that is highly innovative, and sustainable.

Ultimately, the stadium will be deconstructed after the FIFA World Cup in 2022, and its shipping containers will be recycled for other sporting and non-sports projects in Qatar. This is a unique stadium design that is unique to Qatar and a model for the future of stadium design and sustainability.

Stadium 974 is situated near the sea, which provides a cool breeze that reduces the load on the stadium’s cooling systems. In addition, the construction model uses modular and prefabricated elements to cut construction waste and save money.

It is inspired by Qatar’s worldwide trade

Stadium 974 Qatar is a modular steel and shipping container stadium that pays homage to the nation’s rich maritime history. The stadium uses less material than traditional stadium construction, allowing construction costs to be kept low. Its design is inspired by the fanar lantern, which uses intricate decorative motifs found in Arab and Islamic art.

The stadium will be the first fully demountable tournament venue and will host the final of the World Cup in 2022. The stadium will be constructed near a port on Doha’s shore. The stadium’s name comes from the country’s international dialing code (974), as well as the number of shipping containers used to build it. It is designed to be taken down after the World Cup is over, so all of its components can be reused for other construction projects or future tournaments.

It is naturally ventilated

The new stadium 974 in Qatar was constructed using 974 shipping containers, a design that favors natural ventilation and reduces the use of climate control systems. In addition to using shipping containers, the stadium was also designed with a color scheme associated with the different programs. The stadium elements were standardized in order to keep costs down. The building material, steel, is recycled from other shipping containers, and the stadium is constructed of multiple layers, making it possible for air to circulate throughout the stadium.

Because of the stadium’s seaside location, it is near the sea, allowing for natural ventilation. Furthermore, the stadium is aimed to receive a five-star Global Sustainability Assessment System certification. Because of the stadium’s modular design, it also reduces construction time, water consumption, and material waste.

The Stadium 974 is near doha port

The Stadium 974 is a temporary stadium located in the Ras Abu Aboud area of Doha, Qatar, made of 974 recycled shipping containers. It will host matches during the 2022 FIFA World Cup and then be dismantled. The stadium is the first of its kind in FIFA World Cup history.

It features 40,000 blue seats and is rated five stars for sustainability by the Global Sustainability Assessment. It was built from shipping containers and features natural ventilation. Because of its proximity to the sea, the stadium can be dismantled if necessary, making it environmentally friendly. The stadium is scheduled to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

The Location

The stadium is located near the hamad international airport and the port of doha. It is the first stadium that fans will see when arriving in Qatar. Some refer to it as the “gateway” to the country.

Ras Abu Aboud, 10km east of central Doha

The nearest metro station to the stadium is Ras Abu Aboud, which is roughly a kilometre distant or a 15-minute walk away. It is the final stop on the centrally located Gold line, which also links to the Red and Green lines.

Source: YouTube

Fixtures Stadium 974

7 events in all locations.

Group Matches

FAQ: The Stadium 974 in Qatar

Why is it called 974 stadium?

The Stadium 974 is most distinctive feature 974 shipping containers & 974 is also the international dialing code for Qatar. So, it it called 974 stadium.

What will happen to stadium 974 after the world Cup?

The stadium 974 will completely dismantled after the tournament. Everything that you see around stadium 974, will be moved to another country.

What is the capacity of 974 Stadium?


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