Qatar vs Ecuador, FIFA World Cup Live Score: Valencia gives Ecuador 2-0 lead

Qatar vs Ecuador World Cup 2022 Live Updates: Enner Valencia’s two goals has given Ecuador on a 2-0 lead.

Valencia gives Ecuador 2-0 lead: Qatar vs Ecuador. Group A, FIFA World Cup 2022 live scorecard. Ecuador has a commanding lead of 2-0 over Qatar with Enner Valencia’s goals. It was all about South Americans dominance as they outplayed Qatar in the first half. 

The penalty was the first goal, while the second was a great header. Qatar, which was trying to avoid becoming the first World Cup host to lose their opening game, appeared unsure despite months of preparations. Below are the playing lines-ups.

Qatar (5-3-2): Saad Alsheeb; Pedro Miguel, Boualem Khoukhi, Bassam Hisham, Abdelkarim Hassan, Homam Ahmed; Abdulaziz Hatem, Hassan Alhaydos, Karim Boudiaf; Akram Afif, Almoez Ali. Substitutes: Mohammed Waad, Tarek Salman, Ahmed Alaaeldin, Yousof Hassan, Meshaal Barsham, Ali Assaballa, Mohammed Muntari, Musaab Khidir, Ismail Mohamad, Khalid Muneer, Salem Al Hajri, Assim Madibo, Naif Abdulraheem, Jassem Gaber, Mostafa Tarek Meshaal,

Ecuador (4-4-2): Galindez, A Preciado, Torres, Hincapie, Estupinan; Plata, Mendez, Caicedo, Ibarra; Valencia, Estrada. Substitutes: Arboleda, Cifuentes, Pacho, Gruezo, E Preciado, Ramirez, Arreaga, Mena, Sarmiento, Palacios, Franco, Dominguez, Reasco, Porozo, Rodriguez.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar vs Ecuador LIVE SCORE: Hosts kick off Group A action

23:31 (IST)20 NOV 2022
Qatar vs Ecuador: FULL TIME!
And that does it for Ecuador. The South American nation registers a 2-0 win in the Group A opener and takes three points. For the first time in the FIFA World Cup history of 92 years that a home team has lost their opening match.
23:27 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 90+1′
12 minutes of stoppage time added!
Meanwhile substitution for Ecuador, Alan Franco and Kevin Rodriguez, replace Estrada and the ever excellent Caicedo.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:26 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 90′
At 60, Ecuador coach Alfaro finally gets the chance to shine

Gustavo Alfaro, 60, is making his first world cup coaching debut. The coach of Ecuador is Gustavo Alfaro, an Argentine who has managed Argentine clubs for almost three decades. Before taking over Ecuador, he was a Boca Juniors coach.
Alfaro speaks out about managing Boca in an interview with The Athletic. He also compares the pressures to managing a World Cup team.
“Managing Boca is comparable to managing a national soccer team. Boca is a huge club, so I felt that a national team was the next step. Alfaro stated that the challenge of leading Ecuador to the World Cup was equal to what Boca had been for me.
Alfaro’s first national team management experience. He had only two months to prepare the team for qualification for the Fifa World Cup.
Before turning to coaching, the former midfielder was a player for Atletico Rafaela in late 80s and early 1990s.
He promised his father that he would return to his studies, but he bought him time to continue his football career after Atletico Rafaela was promoted into the second division.
He became a football coach at the age of 30 after completing his engineering degree.
Alfaro has been a success so far. Although Ecuador did not qualify for the World Cup in Russia, it qualified for this edition in fourth place in the tough South American group.
Alfaro spoke out about Winston Churchill, the former British prime minister, in one of his first talks.
The coach said that Churchill had told them to change their opinions, and so they needed to make some changes.
Alfaro had to wait his turn to make it to the World Cup. He has experienced many ups and downs in his managerial career.
“Things don’t happen overnight. At the age of 34, I was a coach in the second division. I believed that the top flight was calling me. A year later, I was in the third tier. “Sometimes reality knocks you down for six and puts your in your place,” he told
Alfaro is well-known for switching between Ecuador’s playing formations and being quick to think on the spot. The man who claims to never lose his cool at the touchline seems to have everything under control.
23:24 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 88′
The host nation has never lost their opening game at the Men’s FIFA World Cup. Qatar however, are likely to fail to extend that run. While Qatar want to show this World Cup is unique, this record is perhaps not exactly the way they wanted to showcase it. 
Some solace for them is the fact that the home team has not always contested the official opening match of the Men’s World Cup. FIFA restored the tradition of the host nation playing in the first game in 2006 after handing the honour to the defending champions between 1974-2002.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:22 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 86′

Mohammed Muntari, wow that was close!

A superb run from the 28-year-old onto a long, straight pass from defence. The ball bounced up nicely on the edge of the area, and he struck a booming shot on the run that rippled the roof of the net.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:20 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 85′
Better ball possession has barely helped Qatar. Ecuador have pressed relentlessly deep into the second half which has meant that the hosts haven’t been able to look up and progress in the opposition territory as often as they would’ve wanted.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:18 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 83′
Mendez goes down after a slight touch in the face from Waad. Plata curls the free-kick straight out of play.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:15 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 80′
Sarmiento misses a great chance to make it 0-3, wafting over from 10 yards, though it wouldn’t have counted as Estupinan was offside in the build up.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:14 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 79′
Qatar risk becoming the first country in the host country era of the World Cups since 2006 – that is, the edition where the hosts started the tournament, unlike previous editions where defending champions had that honour – to not score a goal in the opening match. Germany scored 4 in 2006, South Africa had 1 in 2010, Brazil netted three in 2014 and Russia blanked Saudi Arabia 5-0 in 2018.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:12 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 76′
Enner Valencia taken off. 
The Ecuador captain was struggling with that right knee since the first half and is now finally taken off. Jhon Cifuente replaces the sole goalscorer of the game so far.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador

23:11 (IST)20 NOV 2022
Qatar vs Ecuador: 76′

There is no way back!

Although they had some more ball in the second period, the hosts were unable to make any use of it. The hosts had little joy in the attacking third, and were limited to long balls and speculations that were easily stopped by the Ecuadorian defense. The South Americans, on the other hand, look very dangerous every time they move forward. They seem to be more comfortable playing the ball and are better at managing the game. They are well on their way towards earning the dubious distinction as the first host to lose the World Cup’s opening match.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:07 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 71′
Dual substitution for the hosts!
Mohammed Waad and Mohammed Muntari replace the captain Hassan Alhaydos and Almoez Ali.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:04 (IST)20 NOV 2022FIFA World Cup: A non-match story developing!
While we wait for something to happen in the ongoing match, here’s a story developing ahead of England’s opener against Iran on Monday.
Fifa have banned Harry Kane and England from wearing the ‘OneLove’ armband at World Cup.
23:02 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 67′
First change coming up for Ecuador. 20-year-old Jeremy Sarmiento of Brighton & Hove Albion comes on for Romario Ibarra.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
23:00 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 65′
Qatar are unable to find an opening in the Ecuador half. The team in yellow have been highly disciplined in their formation whilst still looking to progress in the opposition territory.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
22:58 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 62′
Hassan drives an angled cross towards the far post, where Pedro Miguel gets in front of Estupinan and slams a good header back across goal that goes a few yards out. 
Meanwhile, Preciado returns back on field after receiving medical attention.

Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
22:56 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 61′
Ecuador down to 10 men!
Preciado is off the field receiving treatment. He seemed to pull something when he booted the ball downfield.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
22:53 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 56′
Another yellow card!
Mendez is booked for scraping his studs down Afif’s shin. Reckless challenge that from the Ecuador central midfielder.
Qatar 0-2 Ecuador
22:52 (IST)20 NOV 2022Qatar vs Ecuador: 56′
Qatar’s problem is that they have not been able get the ball to their most innovative players Akram Afif or Hassan Al Haydos to make things happen. They have not been able hold possession, so their usual approach of building from behind hasn’t worked. Worryingly for Qatar, Felix Sanchez has used only 13-14 players most of the matches.

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