Americans plan to bet $1.8 billion on  FIFA World Cup 2022

Legalized sports betting continues in the United States and is expected to grow to 20.5 Million Americans.


According to an American Gaming Association estimate, wagers could reach $1.8 billion. People will place their wagers online and in person

rather than with a betting house. According to the association, American bettors offer Argentina, Brazil and the United States the best chance of winning it all.

This Sunday, the soccer tournament starts. It arrives at a moment when online sports betting is legalized in 31 states and Washington, D.C.

This compares to three states where legalization was made in 2018, when the World Cup was last held.

According to Casey Clark (the association's senior vice-president), more states have legalized gambling,

so this year's World Cup is likely to be the most widely bet-upon soccer event in American history. 

Clark stated that legal sports betting will increase American fan engagement in the sport's most-watched event.

The World Cup estimate pales when compared to other major sporting events this season -- particularly the almost $8 billion Americans bet on the Super Bowl

After a U.S. Supreme Court 2018 ruling, states began legalizing online gambling in sports betting three years back.

The federal law that prohibited betting on football, basketball and other games was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to data from gaming association data, states where sports betting has been legalized have earned millions in additional tax revenue.