Andy Murray savages Piers Morgan on Twitter over Cristiano Ronaldo claim

Andy Murray, the tennis superstar, took a dig at Piers Morgan after the latter claimed


Portugal's win was sealed by Bruno Fernandes, who scored a brace. Ronaldo seemed to have opened the scoring for his nation. Fernandes' first goal was scored by the superstar.

Replays proved that Ronaldo failed to touch the ball. Fernandes was awarded goal. Morgan however celebrated too soon as he posted a photo of Ronaldo enjoying the goal and tagged the Portuguese legend.

The duo was involved in a Twitter swap during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They went back-and-forth when Lionel Messi won against Mexico.

Piers Morgan brought up Cristiano Rojo's topic at that time. Piers Morgan and Cristiano Ronaldo had an explosive interview before the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Ronaldo's contract was ultimately terminated by the Red Devils after this interview received national attention.

Morgan claimed that Ronaldo knew what would happen. Morgan spoke to FS1 about his belief. To be completely honest

I think he knew. Cristiano is an intelligent guy. He knows exactly what he's doing. When he called me, he said that he wanted to interview me.

He wanted to be able to say everything. I told him, "If I say everything you think you will say, then I'm probably going to have you leave the club."

He replied, "I know." He was aware of what he was getting himself into. Manchester United released a statement expressing gratitude to Ronaldo.