FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar pushing for complete beer ban at stadiums

World Cup organizers had to notify Budweiser, the major FIFA sponsor.


less than a week prior that their alcohol tents must be moved to more visible areas. The Times reported Thursday that beer bans would likely be 

implemented in all eight stadiums by the Qatari royal family. This was just three days before games began in Qatar.

Qatar does not ban alcohol, although it is tightly controlled. Budweiser cannot have visibility during games and FIFA could be breaking their multi-million dollar contract.

Budweiser has been a partner with FIFA since 1985. Prior to the new restrictions, beer could have been sold in stadiums at $14 each.

In an effort to reduce binge drinking, there would be a limit to four drinks per person. In Qatar They has a zero tolerance policy on drinking in public.

Beer will, at least for now, be available at all Doha fan sites. Qatar employed this strategy when it hosted the Club World Cup 2019.

The stadium was accessible to fans who could drink before the match and were transported to it by bus.

Beverage may not be available inside the stadium. But, it might be possible to get beer in the hospitality boxes.

Other types of alcohol, such as wine or spirits, will be available for those who are able. The Times reported that a suite costs $22,450 for a single match.