FIFA World Cup: 3 bets we like ahead of Sunday's kickoff

France's KarimBenzema and Messi share the third-highest odds of being the top goal scorer at the tournament


with +1,000. Only Kylian Mbappe in France and Harry Kane in England are ahead of them (both at +700). Still, Messi's current form suggests that he will be the favorite.

The 35-year-old forward has had a fantastic season in Ligue 1 and boasts a league leading 98.8 shooting score from 51 shots. In recent games

he has scored 10 goals for the national team against Estonia, Honduras Jamaica, the UAE, and Jamaica.

Factor in Argentina as the second favorite to win the tournament at +500 and Messi is very likely to get his World Cup.

First, how many US games will the USA play at this tournament? The USMNT is at +100 to qualify for Group B.

This slightly edges Wales but places them 16th in betting market to make it to the quarter-finals. It is reasonable to assume they will play between three- and five games.

Christian Pulisic (+300), currently stands as the top American goal scorer. But he has not scored for Chelsea this year and has a shooting grade of 68.0 out of nine shots.

Jesus Ferreira (+400), second favourite, is the man who produced a 90.3 percent shooting percentage for FC Dallas this season.

Although he is expected in the starting line-up, it seems like a better option than Pulisic because he has only scored seven times in his fifteen appearances for national side.

If either of these two are the USA's top scorers, there is still some chance. Zimmerman is almost certain to start every game.

However, there are two important PFF grades that indicate that he may be an outsider for the top spot in scoring.

He was the best central defender in the MLS, scoring a 78.8 shooting percentage on 26 shots. Second, he was 23rd in the MLS with an 82.4 aerial dul grade.