Here’s what to know About The FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar

Qatar hosts the 2022 World Cup. The matches begin Nov. 20 and end in the final on Dec. 18.


The group stage ends Dec. 2 and the round-of-16 plays begin the next day. The quarterfinals will begin on December 9th, and the semifinals will be held on December 13.

To avoid the intense summer heat of the Middle Eastern country, which can reach up to 95 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit in some places

While the 2022 World Cup includes 32 nations, it will include 48 teams when Canada and Mexico host the 2026 tournament.

Qatar is the only nation making its first World Cup appearance since qualifying automatically as host country.

The United States, Ghana, Ecuador and Cameroon are making their 2018 tournament return, after having missed the 2018 tournament.

France, which is the current champion, is considered a tournament favourite along with England, Argentina and Brazil.

A game is split into two 45-minute halves. To account for injuries, penalties or other disruptions, there may be additional "injury times" at the ends of each half.

Since the 1930 inaugural World Cup in Uruguay, it has been held every four years with two exceptions.

Each country plays three times against the other three in its group. Teams win three points for a win, one for a draw, and none if they lose.

Brazil's five World Cup title titles are the most by any men's soccer team. Italy holds the next highest number of trophies, with four.

Although the pandemic forced continental federations to postpone World Cup qualification in consultation with FIFA, some teams were forced to withdraw from qualifying matches.