Jack Grealish regrets taking a jibe at Newcastle star Miguel Almiron

Manchester City star Jack Grealish said that he has apologized for his actions to Newcastle United's Miguel Almiron.


The Englishman also said that he was impressed at the Paraguayan star. He praised him for remaining calm when questioned about the mocking.

Grealish ridiculed Almiron in Manchester City's title celebrations at the end last season. Ex-Aston Villa star Riyad Maharez claimed

Riyad Mahrez had to be taken off during the final game of last season because he acted like Almiron. Grealish spoke out for the first times about the comments.

He admitted that he had been under the influence of alcohol, which led to his comment. He stated: It's not something I was asked about, so let me simply address it.

It was the day following the end of the season and I had consumed a few beers. It was the day after the season ended and, as I didn’t know, we were out celebrating.

I wasn’t even on my phone to check social media. I then remembered I was in Ibiza, and it had clearly come out. It was one of the things I regret.

It was also the reason I mentioned earlier that I sometimes do stupid stuff. It's a regrettable statement. I swear, I'm not actually reacting in the same way that he is.