Kevin Pietersen defends Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo

The 37-year old striker described his dissatisfaction and claimed he felt 'betrayed by' the Red Devils.


Ronaldo said that he doesn't respect Erik ten Hag, his manager after a slow start to his United career.

Ronaldo has only scored three goals in 16 appearances, and he missed Manchester United's most recent two matches.

Many supporters believe that Ronaldo should not play for the club because of his explosive interview. Pietersen is sympathetic for the five-time Ballon d'Or winner.

Legendary English cricketer, the legendary English cricketer, was not only gifted but also a source of controversy.

Despite being a controversial former England test captain, he scored incredible runs. Evidently, "KP" feels that he can relate with Cristiano Ronaldo's situation.

This (Cristiano Ronaldo's) story has been a part of my life and I can sympathize with him. People don't know what it's like for them to be the subject of constant lies and speculation.

He uses words like "disrespected" and disrespects the manager. These are all things that will make Man United supporters unhappy.

He must go. There is no turning back. He should have been there at the beginning of the season. But he didn’t.

Some people don't want me there - not just the coach, but also the other two or three men. This year as well as last year.