Qatar Supreme Committee Bites Back At Fake World Cup Fans Claims

After videos were posted online, the Supreme Committee of Qatar 2022 (SC) has reacted to allegations.


"Numerous journalists and commentators on Social Media" claimed that clips of Qatari fans celebrating were fakes.

The SC labeled the statements "disappointing, and unsurprising." The Committee released the following statement:

"With just four days until the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 starts, anticipation is building in Qatar as the country prepares to welcome the rest of the world."

"Fans from around the world, many of them Qataris, have helped to improve the atmosphere in Qatar by organizing fan walks and parades and welcoming national teams to their hotels.

Many fans met the England team in Qatar on Tuesday. One supporter told the Times newspaper that none of them were getting paid.

Fans have different traditions and different ways of celebrating football in different parts of the world.

While this may be different from what is practiced in Europe or South America it does not mean that the passion for the game is less genuine.

The reality is being realized by journalists on the ground who meet and speak with these fans. e look forward the continued build-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup