Things To Know About The American Footballer Josh Sargent 

Josh Sargent is a professional football player. He currently plays for Norwich City and has also represented the United States national team. 

He became the youngest U.S. player to score at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in May 2017. Learn more about this promising youngster below. Also, read about his club career, and his form for the U.S. 

Later, he moved to Florida and played for the St. Dominic High School. In addition to soccer, Sargent also played basketball for the school.  

In August 2021, Josh Sargent signed for Norwich City, which was in the Premier League at the time. But Sargent’s transition to the Premier League was rocky. 

In addition to his senior international career, Josh Sargent has enjoyed success at both the U17 and U20 levels. The U17s played at the 2013 FIFA U17 World Cup, where Sargent was a captain.  

John Singer Sargent was a lifelong bachelor and had a large circle of friends. His friends included Oscar Wilde and Violet Paget. He was also likely the lover of Albert de Belleroche. 

Although most of Sargent’s biographers portrayed him as a staid man, recent scholarship has argued that he was deeply private and passionate. The artist’s sexuality was a part of his art.

During his career, Sargent lived in France. His mother believed that traveling throughout Europe would provide an adequate education, despite the lack of a formal schooling system.