Things To Know About The American Footballer Weston McKennie 

Weston McKennie is a versatile American football player who plays for Serie A club Juventus and the United States national team. 

He can play a variety of positions, from box-to-box to deep-lying defensive midfielder. In addition to his great athleticism, McKennie is known for his touch. 

He’s a relentless runner and never runs out of energy. He also shows good mentality, which enables him to win back possession. 

Weston McKennie can make the defense and attack move forward quickly. His versatility in the defensive midfield also makes him versatile enough to stay on the field for adjustments. 

Weston McKennie is a soccer player from Little Elm, Texas. He is a 23-year-old with excellent athleticism and a strong defensive game.

The first sign of Weston McKennie’s athleticism came at a very young age, when he was still on his parents’ feet. His father, John McKennie, was in the army and his family was stationed in Germany. 

Weston McKennie displays excellent positional awareness at key moments throughout the game. As a winger, he can distribute the ball well to create space for his wingback.  

Despite being a controversial figure in Serie A, Weston McKennie has gradually found his feet with Juventus. The Canadian has had a troubled start to his career.