to promote Education for All FIFA World Cup to use As global platform

In This Web Story We Will Discuss to promote Education for All FIFA World Cup to use As global platform


Football's links to education around the world and youth development in general will be highlighted on the sport’s most important stage.

'Education for All' is a key pillar for the Football Unites the World campaign. President Gianni Intino's Vision 2020-2023 focuses on two key elements

protecting football's positive values and making society more positive through the sport. These are both fundamental components of several recent projects.

Education was the core of the pilot phase that became the Africa Schools Champions Cup in Benin 2021. Young, aspiring journalists were even trained during the tournament.

The sport has been used in numerous Football 4 Schools launches as a means of knowledge development.

The COVID-19 epidemic caused the biggest disruption to education in history. Approximately 244 million kids were forced out of school worldwide and 70% of 10 year-olds

Ayegbeni Yakubu, a FIFA Legend, said that football "really brings everyone together" during a recent visit in Tonga to a FIFA Football 4 Schools program.

"You can see that everyone wants it to be there, and to play. You can see these kids in my city. When you play a game with them, you also educate them. To play football, you must also go to school.