Top five teams with the most appearances in FIFA World Cup 

Brazil is the first to be featured.The yellow and blue brigade is at the top of this list with 21 consecutive WC appearances, and 109 matches played.

Brazil: 21 appearance

Germany: 19 appearances 

Germany is another powerhouse international side with 19 appearances. With 67 wins and 22 losses, ‘Die Mannschaft’ is a force to be reckoned with 

It is Italy, which is third on the list. This team has not qualified for the World Cup the second time in a row. With 45 wins, 17 losses, and 21 draws to their credit, the Blues have been part of 18 World Cups. 

Italy: 18 appearance

Argentina, also known as La Albiceleste has been to 17 World Cups, but has only missed four tournaments in 21 editions. 

Argentina: 17 appearance

Spain: 15 appearance

Spain’s World Cup debut was in 1934, when it lost to Italy in the quarterfinals. This replayed match was made after the original fixture was marred by on-field fighting.