"Unacceptable" Qatar World Cup | German Football Bars Boycott

Germany's Qatar World Cup campaign will be against Japan next week.


The Fargo Berlin football bar projector screens will be in an unusual rolled-up position when they kick off. The bar is open only until the end of the match

"we don't agree that the World Cup should happen in a nation where the purpose is clearly sports washing and make the country seem different internationally than it really is."

"We wouldn't have fun watching the games if (it was a place) in which (a person's sexuality) cannot be freely lived out," he stated.

Fargo is one among dozens of German bars, including many in Berlin's capital, that have pledged to boycott the event, which is a highlight in Germany's football-mad nation.

Qatar's treatment towards migrant workers, women, as well as the LGBTQ community has come to the forefront of attention as it prepares for the tournament.

The chief World Cup organizer claimed that attacks were launched against the Gulf state because it "competed and snatched” the World Cup from competing bidders.

Public viewing events have been cancelled at several other locations, including Berlin's famous Fan Mile, which is set against the Brandenburg Gate.

Germany's activist soccer fan culture has spoken out about the event with several prominent clubs such as Bayern Munich and Union Berlin calling for boycotts.

Fargo is not content to ignore the tournament's month-long duration. Fargo will organize several parallel events

including human rights lectures, group trips to match venues, and trips to watch amateur and female football matches.

Pech said, "We expect there to be a loss or sales and of course profits but we don’t believe it will be so severe that the pub would go bankrupt."