Which teams have qualified for the 2022 World Cup knockout stages

Now that the group stages are over, let's look at which teams have already booked their round of 16 tickets.


It has been a thrilling start to the 2022 World Cup. There were many exciting encounters and surprises in the first two matchdays.

Saudi Arabia's shocking win over Argentina, Germany losing a one goal lead against Japan, and Belgium losing to Morocco are just a few of the many upsets.

There were plenty of goals too, with Spain beating seven past Costa Rica and Cameroon, while Serbia defeated Serbia and England winning 6-2.

The question that everyone is asking as they enter matchday 3: What does it mean for the knockout stage and which teams have made it to round 16.

Let's take an in-depth look at the current situation, as it heads into the final round for group-stage matches.

Five out of eight teams were still undecided at matchday three. Portugal and Brazil were the only ones to be guaranteed a place for the round of 16.

Canada and Concacaf representatives Canada are the only teams left that have not been eliminated. Tuesday's games also saw Senegal, England, and the Netherlands book their tickets for round 16.